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Q: What does it cost for computer help?
A: Roar Tech charges $95 per hour for labour. The minimum charge is $95 for the first hour and then billing is in 15 min blocks. Long distance call outs my incur travel charges.

Q: What does a website cost?
A: Website development costs can vary greatly depending on what your site requires. A basic 1-2 page site can cost as little as $570.00

Q: What is Hosting?
A: Hosting is required to make your website available on the World Wide Web. Roar Tech offers a hosting plan from $9.95 per month including 1 email address ( extra email addresses are $1 per month and any extra DATA usage or required feature costs will be passed on to you at the same rate charged to Roar Tech. Extra Data usage does not normally occour unless you offer large videos or images on your site.

Q: Can I use my current website host and/or domain name?
A: Yes, we can build your site and upload it to your current hosting provider for you. We can also host your site on our servers and use your current domain name registration.

Q: Is my information and/or DATA safe? Do you share it with anyone?
A: Yes your information is safe and No, Roar Tech does not share personal information with anyone unless forced by Australian LAW (you will be notified if this occurs). Your DATA may be temporarily backed up to complete a task on your device however this will not be kept any longer than necessary to complete the task. Personal Information kept by Roar Tech (such as name, contact details and billing information) is stored on an encrypted device with strict access guidlines in place to prevent access.

Q: Are you qualified?
A: Yes, the company owner holds a nationaly recognised Diploma of Information and Communication Technology and is undertaking a nationaly recognised Diploma of Web Development.

Q: Will you put advertising on my website?
A: No, Third party advertising will not be placed on your website by Roar Tech unless you request it (for example links to external products and services you use or recommend). We will however place a link on the bottom of your page stating Roar Tech developed the site.

Q: Can I put anything I want on my website?
A: Roar Tech is not responsible in any way for the content you display on your website. It is up to you to ensure that your content is not plagerised, under copyright protection (for which you are not the owner or legally permitted to use) or otherwise illegal in Australia.

Q: What happens to my website if I no longer wish to use Roar Tech?
A: Once your website is paid for you own it. Therefore if you would like to manage and or host your own site Roar Tech may be able to assist with the set up and transfer of your website and hosting to you or another provider.

Who Are We

We are a small family business based in Padthaway, South Australia.

We offer website design and hosting, networking soloutions, computer repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

Our goal is to provide fast effecient service at a reasonable price.

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